Home School Curriculum

If your just starting a home school program or you're thinking about it the most important thing to decide on is the curriculum. There are many home school curriculum to choose from and the one you choose depends on what type of education you want your child or children to have. You might choose a complete package home school curriculum or a home school curriculum that teaches just the basics.

Maybe you're thinking of curriculum that has a religious view. Whatever curriculum you choose remember to keep your child's learning style. Unlike public or private schools that follow a formal curriculum for every child, you can cater more to your child's needs.

As you gain more experienced and confidence, you'll discover what teaching tools can help you achieve your educational goals. There are some things you should do in preparing to home school.

Make sure you research as many home school curriculum as you can before settling on one. It's important to have a curriculum that fits you and your child.

American Home Schools Requirements
Requirements will differ from state to state, but in general they all require the parents to inform the county superintendent that they will be home schooling their child and therefore he or she will not be attending the traditional school. Some states require the parents to present a written application stating the reasons why they want to home school and some states even require that the request be approved before you start home schooling your child.

In most cases parents are required to follow a curriculum that ensure that the essential subjects are being covered and some states will require that the child appear for testing on a quarterly or yearly basis to ensure that he or she is being taught the required subjects. In some states requirements include that the parents keep and show upon request documentation of conducting regular classes with the child who is being home schooled.

Follow The Curriculum
Once you have chosen a home school curriculum stick with it. You don't want to keep changing from one curriculum to another, it's confusing to the child and can be very unproductive. That's why it's important to do research in order to choose the curriculum that's right for you and your child.

Having The Right Material
Make sure you have the right material to teach the curriculum you chose. You don't want to start your curriculum only to find that some of the material doesn't match.

Lay Down The Rules
Just like any other school there must be rules or things can get out of control. Your goal is to educate your children not make everyday play time.

But before all that you should know at least a little about the home school curriculum available to you. Here are just a few.

The Complete Package
This can be somewhat overwhelming as you're trying to teach a lot at one time and may not have the training for it.

Divisional Subjects
Maybe your child just needs to be home schooled on one or two subjects. If that's the case your home school curriculum can just be on the subject or subjects needed.

Abeka And Seton
The Abeka and Seton home school curriculum are both from a religious stand point. The Abeka curriculum is Christian based and was developed at Pensacola Christian College. Seton is Catholic based and was developed by Dr. Anne Carroll.

If you need more help figuring out how to start your homeschooling and what curriculum to choose check out this e-book Homeschooling Secrets Revealed.