Welcome To About Home School Programs

I'm glad you made it to About Home School Programs. This site is here to give information and resources to those who have chosen to home school or are thinking about homeschooling. You find information on some of the most popular home school programs as-well-as resources to get your home school supplies and curriculum.

Quick Tips For Home School Beginners

Research Home School Programs: There are quite a few home school programs out there, be sure to do some research to find one that's fits your family's needs perfectly.

Home School Area: Figure out where you will be doing your home schooling, you want an area that's comfortable and large enough to accommodate your home schoolers.

Home School Curriculum: Once a home school curriculum has been chosen, stick with it.

Home School Rules: Just like public and private schools have rules so also should your home school program. You don't want your home schoolers running amok.

Home School Schedule: Keep a regular schedule that way your home schoolers will know what to expect when and it will become a habit for them.

Home School Interruptions: During your home schooling time keep interruptions at a minimum. Let all your friends and family know your home school schedule and not to interrupt you during that time. Turn the ringer on your phone off and let your answering machine answer any phone calls you might get.

These tips should help get your home school program up and running smoothly.